Fabulous red wine for the weekend

The end of winter is the perfect time to make the most of our fabulous red wines … the easy-drinking, fire-side quaffers that we love.
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Malva Lamingtons

Invite a few friends over for a cup of tea and serve them this perfect tea time treat. Who doesn’t like malva lamingtons?
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Quick mushroom and spinach lasagne

Looking for a healthy family meal? Try this easy to make quick mushroom and spinach lasagne recipe. They’ll love it.
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Rosemary Brioche

Looking for interesting dinner ideas? Try this Rosemary Brioche recipe.
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Baklava Cheesecake

This delectable dessert recipe melds two favourites – cheesecake and baklava.
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Hello baby! Visiting a newborn

Bringing your newborn home for the first time is stressful enough. Here’s how to manage visitors during those early days and ensure a stress-free experience for all.
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Fried rice pineapple boat

What’s dinner tonight? We’re indulging in this delicious fried rice pineapple boat recipe. Yummy!
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Steak with blue cheese potatoes

Create a restaurant-worthy dish at home with this easy and delicious steak with blue cheese potatoes recipe. It’s delish!
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Special wine for a special occasion

If you’ve something worth celebrating, it’s worth opening a bottle of really special wine. Like the Neethlingshof The Caracal 2016.
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White chocolate mousse

If you love white chocolate like we do, you’ll love this white chocolate mousse recipe. It’s pure decadence.
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August Spoil

Chocolate biscuits … and a luxury breakaway

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