How clean is your phone?

Your cellphone is one daily item that goes everywhere with you. But when last did you clean it?
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Time to spring for a new bed

When last did you buy a new bed? Maybe it’s time.
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Time for a spring clean!

We thought winter was never going to end, but now it’s time to get your life in order and clean out so we can tackle the rest of the year.
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Work out at home

Struggling to keep it all together and finding time to exercise and keep in shape? Here are four exercises you can do at home. And the best part – you only need 17 minutes!
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Swap your wash for a crème in the winter months

Know the difference between a shower gel and cream? You might want to swap out the one for the other, especially during the colder months.
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10 Tips to banish dry skin this winter

Dry skin be gone! Here are 10 ways to combat dry skin this winter.
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What you need to know about keeping your family, including your pets, safe from rabies

With the recent rabies outbreak in South Africa, pet owners are in a bit of a panic. Here’s what you need to know.
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What you need to know about hydrating masks

Why are hydrating masks so important? Read on.
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Why baby botox is all the rage

Ever heard of baby botox? Its a thing and quite effective.
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Would you get braces?

Trend alert – braces are back in fashion. Here’s what you need to know.
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