Up & Away

If you want to get in shape after the winter holidays, we have just the thing for you. Why not try your hand at aerial yoga? It’s fun and will get you in shape in no time.
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10 Kitchen hygiene facts that will make you sick

How clean is your kitchen? Check out these tips.
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How to maintain good health at home

Tips on maintaining a healthy household
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Did you know that almost half of South African women are obese

A study has shown that SA women have the highest obesity rate in Sub-Saharan Africa. Here’s what you need to know.
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Food allergies DEBUNKED

More and more people are diagnosing themselves with food allergies. We caught up with local dietician Lauren Sackett to find out more about the seriousness of the issue as well as what to do if you suspect you or your children might be allergic to certain food.
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How to responsibly treat your pet

Keep this in mind when treating your pet
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Type 1 diabetes – it takes a family to raise a diabetic child

Everything you need to know about raising a diabetic child
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Boost your immune system all year round

NRF health supplements will help fight colds and flu this winter.
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Remedies for colds and flu

Want to beat and avoid colds and flu? Give Hot Toddy products a try.
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Keep your weight down

Amada Kuit, well-known dietician, shares tips on how to keep the extra weight off this winter.
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