Tips to help you eat smarter during the holidays

Want to keep your diet in check over the holidays? Here are a few substitution ideas for common menu items.
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Flaunt your workout swag with G-Loves

If you’re planning to work out more in the new year, these G-Loves gloves are the perfect workout accessory.
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Sugar: The sweet but deadly silent killer

Why the time to quit sugar is now.
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The ultimate natural hangover fix

Curing a hangover with oxygen? Yes you can. Here’s how to get it!
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Treat skin conditions in a jiffy

The summer heat can cause skin irritations to flare up but thanks to Bettamed™ Care Cream, itchy skin can be a thing of the past.
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Sugar: The sweet but deadly killer

With our modern-day diets overly processed, nutritionally impoverished and laden with sugar, there are no better time to quit sugar than right now.
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What’s hidden in your drink?

How many kilojoules are you consuming thanks to your drinking habits?
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The power of colloidal silver

Ever heard of the power of colloidal silver? Well, continue reading. You won’t believe it!
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On point!

At first, most people tend to get scared and appalled by the idea of acupuncture. But wait until you hear of all the benefits.
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Healthy living

She is passionate about food, gorgeous and has a body to die for. Get It’s Mariëtte van Niekerk caught up with the capital’s hottest new lifestyle chef, Izelle Hoffman. And oh boy is she inspiring!
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