Boosting your first aid kit this summer

Romantic breaks, family holidays and exciting travels all require first aid kits. Be prepared for anything with these 5 easy tips:
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6 Ways to manage your stress better

Don’t let stress get you down … Take control!
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The amazing benefits of coconut oil!

We found some great reasons for you to add coconut oil to your shopping trolley the next time you head to the store!
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How many calories are in my wine?

Did you overindulge during the festive season and can feel the repercussions?
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Why heat is the answer to painful and stiff muscles

Using a hot water bottle to ease pain has become somewhat of an old wives tale, but modern science has shown that it’s not so much a placebo, as it is an actual relief. Here’s why:
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10 Minute ball workout!

Skip the hour long gym session – this 10 minute exercise is easy enough for absolutely everyone!
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5 Healthy baking substitutes for the Holidays

In most homes baking and holidays go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately the healthy options are far and few between and our jeans don’t love us by the time the New Year breaks … Thankfully, by swapping out a few ingredients, we can still enjoy those baked goods with only a tad of guilt!
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Get the abs you want this Summer!

It’s time to challenge your mid-section – summer is here – hallelujah!
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How to handle common holiday health hazards

It’s summer and time to hit the beach! Here are a few tip sto help you prepare for any health hiccups that can, and probably will, turn a lekker jol into a holiday nightmare!
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Shop ’til you drop at the Irene@Smuts market

Love strolling through stalls displaying all kinds of handmade goodies, delicious food and interesting finds?

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