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Four soothing activities for relaxation

Taking a break between projects is a great way to increase production and decrease stress. Here are four soothing activities you can try out.
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What to do if your Android phone goes missing

You need not panic so here’s what to do
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People pranking their dogs

The internet’s been a buzz with people pranking their dogs and we have to say, it’s pretty funny! See for yourself.
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Questions to ask about overdraft facility

Used up all your funds and thinking of applying for an overdraft? Here are questions you need to ask your bank before committing.
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Removable shoe heels

This is definitely going on our fashion wish list. With these removable shoe heel, you can even custom your favourite flats! We do hope it comes to SA sometime.
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Dog tries to play fetch with statue

Watching dogs play is always adorable. And this one, REALLY wants to play fetch. Even with a statue. Lol!
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A song from daddy

Sigh! The bond between a daddy and his little girl is always special to see. But this dad takes it to a whole other level of cuteness with his song.
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The plug mug stops office thieves from stealing your mug

If you’re sick of co-workers always stealing your coffee mug, this plug mug is definitely a must have! Check it out.
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12 ways to survive power cuts this winter

If you’re well prepared, power cuts in winter don’t have to be cause of dismay. Here are 12 ways to surviving power cuts.
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How to get rid of different stains

We just hate when lipstick or foundation ends up on our clothes instead of on our face. Here is what you can do. It’s quite simple, really.
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Chocolate biscuits … and a luxury breakaway

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