4 Ways to feeling lighter for summer

4 Ways to feeling lighter for summer

Need to get in shape before summer? Check out these great tips to help make you feel lighter, brighter and bubblier.

With the summer holidays now quickly becoming a reality, most of us will be hard at work getting into shape for the holiday season.

And if you’re anything like us you would want it all to happen with minimal effort and maximum enjoyment!

So, instead of beating yourself up at boot-camp and surviving on a diet of lettuce and lentils, why not take a tip or two from Seltzer Essence; a no sugar, no sweetener and no preservatives flavoured sparkling water brand that advocates the kind of advice that helps us feel lighter, brighter and bubblier about the onset of summer:

1. Eat, drink and be logical

A complicated eating plan is not always the answer to a lighter you. At times, you simply need to eat a little less and trade the sugary drinks for tasty, flavoured sparkling water like Seltzer Essence. It really is also a lot easier to cut down on your portion sizes and occasionally skip dessert, than to count calories around the clock.

2. Forget the Fads

From the cotton ball and cabbage soup diet to the baby food and vision diet (yes, you eat everything while wearing blue tinted glasses), fad or crash diets, set one up to do just that – crash! These extreme eating plans are all about avoiding the logical long-term lifestyle approach and encouraging drastic measures to shed kilos. In the hope of looking leaner in a matter of days, you could end up losing water rather than weight. Not to mention that at the end of it all, ploughing through every item in fridge and sweet cupboard.

3. Turn to good old exercise

When you work out and stay active, on a regular basis, it’s not just a coincidence that you feel less stressed out, less anxious, and generally happier. Exercising naturally releases a chemical called dopamine – a neurotransmitter in the brain, that produces feelings of pleasure and happiness and one thing’s for sure, when we feel good we look good! Choosing fun activities that you enjoy, such as dancing, walking the dog or swimming, can also encourage to you exercising more and getting into shape faster.

4. Celebrate the colours and flavours of summer

It’s been proven that there’s great benefit in eating the whole nutritional rainbow. Consuming colourful foods is good for both your brain and your body. A variety of vivid, vibrant, fresh produce provides vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to nourish your body that can’t be replicated in a supplement.

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