Geneway now tests for 120 SNP’s in DNA Tests

Geneway now tests for 120 SNP’s in DNA Tests

Okay, so we recently told you that out friends at Geneway have some exciting news to share. Well, the cat is out of the bag – they can now test double the amount of genes! Have you got tested yet?

You might remember reading about the Genetic testing company, Geneway, in one of our earlier issues. They specialise in testing different genes helping people across the country with all kinds of health, sport, beauty, etc issues.

Your genes says so much more about you than you might think.

Geneway can now tests for no less than 120 SNP’s (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) in its combo test. This is double the amount from the previous sample and now ranks as the highest number of SNP’s tested in South Africa.

The new test formulary was also formulated in South Africa. “These reports are designed by healthcare practitioners, for healthcare practitioners, so that patients can derive as much benefit as possible from the Geneway tests,” said Geneway Nutrigenomics Specialist, Dr Christa North.

The new genes being tested include those that indicate brain health, thyroid activity, hunger satiety, cholesterol, blood clotting, caffeine metabolism, salt sensitivity, Osteoporosis, and the number of micronutrients needed according to one’s DNA, such as folates, fiber, antioxidants and Vitamin D. This a disruptive approach that challenges the “recommended daily allowance” thinking. Other advancements include the safety of Hormone Replacement Therapy for a patient, and the genes that indicate potential prostate or breast cancer.

In the next couple of weeks a pharmaceutical panel is being added, that will indicate the potential efficacy and side effects of medication including those indicated for depression, blood pressure, Cancer and Diabetes.

High profile personalities including Dewald Wasserfall, Leandie Du Randt, Leah and Caroline Grace have done the Geneway test, in order to live their best lives, from a health perspective. Athletes including brothers Jacques and Ruan Nel, Linda Kriel and Joel Stransky have also taken the Geneway tests.

Geneway runs the only genetic testing lab in Pretoria, the innovation and research capital of the county. This laboratory also facilitates post-graduate research for the esteemed University of Pretoria. And it’s easy as pie!

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