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The Retaliation of the ‘Ugly Shoe’

The Retaliation of the ‘Ugly Shoe’

The ‘ugly shoe’ strikes back. Yes, please!!

Love them or hate them, the classic Croc has made a comeback and we couldn’t be more excited.

Especially since they’re done with a high-fashion twist from international design aficionados Balenciaga, Christopher Kane and Gucci.

They have taken the original innovation and comfort to new levels of the trend on high fashion’s international catwalks.

Originally designed in 2002 as the ultimate “boat shoe”, the classic Croc, characterised by its light-weight foam mould and chunky design, quickly found popularity as a practical and everyday footwear choice.

Since its first appearance, the classic Croc clog has been enjoyed as a sensible style statement for beach-lovers, gardeners, sportsmen and women, chefs, medical practitioners, moms, dads, grandparents and children experiencing their first shoe.

“Crocs are the new cool,” is the messaging from today’s fashion insiders, creative artists, designers, celebrities and macho men who like to read GQ.

Of course, grandma could have told you this after having lived a lifetime in restrictive footwear which resulted in her fallen arches, aching joints and arthritis.

However, thankfully younger generations now have an opportunity to experience water-proof, easy-to-clean functional clogs in a wide range of colours which carry the stamp of approval from leading icons of the fashion empires as part of their trending collections.

By appealing to more style-conscious consumers, Croc’s new look accounts for almost half of current Croc sales. This after it was first revealed on the fashion runways in October 2017 as part of the Balenciaga S/S collection.

Featuring rhinestone-encrusted classic lines, it featured as part of award-winning British fashion designer Christopher Kane’s collection at the London Fashion Week in February 2018. They were again featured at the Gucci Cruise 2018 runway.

Bridging the gap in consumer relevancy, the classic Croc has evolved from “clunky” outdoor wear to chunky and glamorous on the catwalks. This is despite a short history of derision from fast fashion commentators who resisted its initial sweeping popularity and led a backlash regarding its perceived “ugly” design.

Whether an outdoor adventurer, sports person or fashion follower, Croc fans can now enjoy a new range in classic clog colours and impact-resistant comfort. The Croslite moulded material features anti-bacterial properties, aeration holes and slip resistant mobility – all of which acknowledge both modern living foot health and fashion credibility.

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