Finally, an advert that shows the lighter side of weight loss

Finally, an advert that shows the lighter side of weight loss

If you haven’t seen the brand new Slender Wonder advert yet you are in for a treat. It’s quirky and fun and is sure to put a smile on your face.

Have you ever met anybody who is proud of how they look in their passport photo?

We won’t be surprised if your answer is no. The latest television advert by weight loss brand Slender Wonder plays on this exact situation, in a humorous way.

Actors Reynard Slabbert en Juanita Velts are seen rushing through airport security, presumably on their way to a holiday, when Reynard gets stopped by the security officer and asked to take off his glasses. The officer looks confused as he looks at the man’s passport, not able to recognise him in the photo.

After putting the glasses back and taking them off a few times, his wife encourages him to puff his cheeks out, which he does. She subtly whispers “Slender Wonder” as she pats him on the stomach. The officer exclaims “okay” when all the pieces come together…

His recent weight loss, thanks to Slender Wonder, explains why he unrecognisable in his photo!

Slender Wonder is a tried and trusted multi-phase medical weight loss programme. It comes complete with an eating plan, supplements, recipe book, regular medical consultations and online support group. It even has ready-made meals for those who need them. All products are locally manufactured with the highest standards. For more information visit www.slenderwonder.co.za.

The Slender Wonder “Going on vacation” advert was produced by Jenny Griesel Communications and directed by Gerhard van Rooyen of GVR, on location in Pretoria.



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