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Shut out allergies this spring

Shut out allergies this spring

If the spring season makes you droopy from allergies we might have some great news. Revamp your home and keep the pollen out with these gorgeous doors.

For thousands of people, the arrival of spring means something other than lovely warmer weather and pretty Namaqua daisies.

It’s the annual affliction of hay fever, of course. Ugh!

But while there’s not much you can do about the air outside, you can control the quality of air inside your home to a large extent.

Did you know that according to the US environmental protection agency, indoor air can be anywhere from two to five times as polluted as outdoor air.

As so many asthma and allergy sufferers already know, the kind of dust mites and particles (including pollen, pet dander and mould spores) that trigger these conditions tend to gather on textured, soft and warm fabrics and materials. Mattresses and carpets are big culprits, for sure, but have you considered that your curtains and blinds could be trapping the very pollen, dust or other allergens making your life a misery, too?

Luckily there is help. Leading company, Plantation Shutters® specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of superior quality, custom-designed Plantation Timber Shutters and Plantation Security Shutters, both of which help minimise allergens inside the home.

The wooden louvres of the timber shutters are wider than those of vertical blinds, making them one of the easiest types of window treatments to clean. Nothing other than the occasional wipe with a damp cloth is really necessary as the hard texture of the sustainably sourced solid timber is much less welcoming to those pesky particles than any fabric can be.

The same goes for the aluminium security shutters that are designed and manufactured to be the most stylish and strongest adjustable louvre security shutters – perfect for both internal and external use.

Keep allergies at bay and add value to your home, it’s that easy. Details: www.plantation.co.za.

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