How clean is your phone?

How clean is your phone?

Your cellphone is one daily item that goes everywhere with you. But when last did you clean it?

Some people are less concerned with hygiene and germs than others. However, if you are one of those people who wipes the handles of your shopping trolley, then you should pay attention!

According to Gammatek, the leading distributor of mobile technology and accessories your phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat!

A recent survey showed that over 17 000 types of various bacteria are present on the phones of the average student. Pretty gross, if you ask us.

Especially considering that we check our phones over 40 times per day and that bacteria and germs get transferred from our fingers to our phone on every touch.

We also hold our phones to our faces. And if that isn’t a good enough reason to clean your phone ASAP, we sure don’t know what is.

But what to do?

A good way to avoid harmful germs from getting onto your phone is avoiding using your phone when going to the bathroom. When toilets flush, for example, it spreads germs everywhere. If you were on your phone, those germs are now going out of the bathroom with you.

Luckily Gammatek has a solution. It is called Whoosh and it has been proven to remove 99% of germs from your phone. It will give you peace of mind that you are now not putting toilet germs on your face anymore. Whoosh is safe to use and will not compromise any part of your device. It is time to get clean with whoosh!

This product is available in three package sizes: Compact (8ml) which delivers about 100 sprays for R149, Go (30ml) which delivers about 250 sprays for R199, and Duo (100ml and 8ml) delivering a combined 900 sprays for R399. Each Whoosh! pack includes an antimicrobial microfiber cloth. The Duo pack comes with two cloths, one for each bottle

Whoosh is available at Incredible Connection and selected Vodacom stores. You can also get it online at



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