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Small online steps to help you save big

Small online steps to help you save big

Ever wanted to try your luck with online trading? It’s easier than you might think and will earn and save you some much needed cash.

Do you have old appliances or furniture just lying around your home taking up space? Why not sell them and make some extra cash.

Gumtree online offers an accessible and practical way for every South African with internet access to make some savings and to add to their income.

“We’re not a nation of great savers,” says Claire Cobbledick, GM of Gumtree SA, “but Savings month in July gives us all a focus on what we need to do to fix that”.

Gumtree is the country’s biggest online classifieds site and Cobbledick says there are some easy ways to use the site to reduce debt and build a nest-egg.

Start selling

Unwanted or unnecessary items such as old cell phones, clothing, furniture, baby goods that your kids have outgrown, sports equipment can make you handy cash simply by listing a free ad. The average second-hand feature phone sells for R4 000, a decent condition baby stroller can fetch R1 500, couches range between R500 and R2 500.

Buy second hand

Smart shoppers save a bundle by buying high-quality second-hand goods on Gumtree rather than brand new ones, especially in short-term usage categories like baby items and kids’ sports goods.


Reduce your petrol costs by half or even three-quarters by ride-sharing. Check out Gumtree Services under rideshare to see if there’s a group already going your way or to list your own ad for free to set one up.

Cash in on your craft

Thousands of listers make tidy sums on Gumtree every day by selling their home-made goods like woodwork, clothing, lampshades, cakes and much more.

Be of service

You can also make money from any expert services you can offer in your spare time, repairing technology, handiwork, car repairs, tutoring, book-keeping.

Cobbledick says “once you have saved some money through these Gumtree routes, make sure you heed the lessons of Savings Month and immediately invest that money wisely to create a far bigger sum down the line for really important things like education, health, housing or retirement”.

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