Swap your wash for a crème in the winter months

Swap your wash for a crème in the winter months

Know the difference between a shower gel and cream? You might want to swap out the one for the other, especially during the colder months.

Ever wondered what the difference between shower crème and shower gel is? Probably not but in winter, it’s a good differentiation to make.

The likelihood is that you’re only showering for two minutes or less. So let’s work on making it the best possible shower ever. Digging around in your grey water bucket for the soap bar that slipped out of your hands is not the best use of your shower time.

Karen Kohler from Satiskin says that the key is to find a fragrance and a texture that suits the season and your skin. “In winter, opting for the Cocoa Butter Shower Crème is a far more comforting choice than an invigorating shower gel. The product is dermatologically approved and has a crème-like consistency which is perfect for an evening shower before applying body crème and getting into your warm pyjamas.”

Kohler says that a shower gel makes a great morning shower accompaniment. “The Satiskin Shower Gel range, which includes fragrances like Ocean Energy and Nature’s Balance helps to start the morning fresh and energised. The products are all pH balanced and contain Vitamins A and E to leave the skin feeling satin soft.”

The Satiskin Shower Crème range includes luscious fragrances like Exotic Orchid, Tropical Escape and the newest addition, Powder Fresh. “The Satiskin Shower Crème is cost-effective in the 400ml format, and gives you that extra bit of luxury – even if your shower is short and sweet,” says Kohler.


Satiskin Shower Gel, Body Wash and Shower Crème’s are available at all major retailers for the recommended retail prices ranging from R35.99.


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