What you need to know about hydrating masks

What you need to know about hydrating masks

Why are hydrating masks so important? Read on.

When we combine cold weather, icy winds, low humidity and indoor heating we are left with dry, sensitised and often irritated red skin. The winter season can be challenging, in terms of the harsher weather and how it can negatively impact our skin, hence why it is essential to include a Hydrating Mask in your homecare routine.

Your skin is a living organ, and even though it is your biggest organ it is, unfortunately, the last to receive nourishment from the inside, often leaving the barrier function of the skin impaired. A Hydrating Mask 2-3 times per week delivers very active ingredients to the upper layers of the skin, keeping the barrier intact, the texture even and glowing as well as giving the skin an extra boost.

Professional skincare therapist and expert advisor to local skincare brand Naturals Beauty, Jo Snyckers highly recommends a Hydrating Mask which contains anti-inflammatory and gentle ingredients with Vitamin E. A personal favourite would be Naturals Beauty Hydrating Masque which consists of anti-inflammatory rooibos, balancing baobab, Rose geranium and soothing chamomile as well as Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin E.

Since we can’t control the weather forecast – help restore and regenerate your thirsty skin by incorporating a face mask to your skincare routine, ensuring a beautiful glow all winter long.

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