Cellar gems put the sparkle back into Meatless Mondays

Cellar gems put the sparkle back into Meatless Mondays

Heard about Delheim’s vegan-friendly Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc? We so want a sip!

A pair of Delheim‘s latest wine releases is sure to put a spring in the step of wine-lovers who are vegans. That’s because unlike most other wineries, the famous Stellenbosch winery used zero animal products traditionally used in winemaking to produce its 2018 Delheim.

You might not have known this but animal products derived from milk, eggs, fish and including gelatine are used in a part of the winemaking process to make fine and clarify the liquid before it is bottled. This limits the number of wines available to vegans and vegetarians.

For their Pinotage Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc, Delheim has however only used a type of clay called Bentonite and a plant-derived protein in the winemaking process of these two popular wines.

The Pinotage Rosé boasts a rich salmon colour with a vibrant pink hue. Look out for notes of pomegranate and cranberry and nuances of candy floss and blossoms. Delicate flavours of red berry fruit also linger on the palate and just adds to the freshness of this fruit-forward yet balanced wine. You definitely want to pair it with roasted rainbow vegetables with Chimichurri or a curried sweet potato and freekeh salad.

The 2018 Delheim Sauvignon Blanc reveals a light green hue with aromas of tropical fruit, citrus and gooseberry. On the palate, there’s green figs and lime. For food pairing, the 2018 Delheim Sauvignon Blanc does well with a grilled aubergine bake (or grilled line fish for “flexitarians”) as well as a variety of season-inspired salads.

These vegan-friendly wines are available at leading wine retailers and restaurants, as well as from the farm. They sell for around R75 for the Rosé and R79 for the Sauvignon Blanc.

For more information, visit Delheim or follow Delheim on Facebook, Twitter @Delheim and Instagram @delheimwines.


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