Why baby botox is all the rage

Why baby botox is all the rage

Ever heard of baby botox? Its a thing and quite effective.

So what is Baby Botox you might ask?

Baby Botox is a treatment that involves a lower volume of Botulinum Toxin injected into areas of the face, i.e. between the eyebrows or the forehead. “The results are very similar to when normal doses of Botox are given, but with lighter treatment, there is more movement and the results do not last as long,” says explains Aesthetic Dentist to international stars, Dr Zak Schabort.

A traditional Botox treatment aims to get rid of almost all lines and wrinkles, giving a very smooth appearance. Baby Botox aims to treat just a few lines and wrinkles while preserving certain natural expression lines. This treatment is ideal for clients who are just starting Botox treatments.

Here are some advantages of Baby Botox as per Dr Schabort:

1. Prevent Lines

The subtle nature of Baby Botox makes it ideal for those wanting to prevent lines by starting treatment in their 20s. Baby Botox is designed for patients who are at the younger end of the spectrum of Botox users, who wish to prevent the formation of wrinkles.

2. Baby Botox Can Be Cheaper

The treatment is cheaper than standard Botox, but this depends on the practice. Most clinics charge per area no matter how much or how little Botox is used. If the patient would like Baby Botox, paying per unit is much cheaper, if the client wants a more dramatic result or requires larger doses of Botox, paying per area is more cost effective.

3. Subtler Way To Maintain Results

Baby Botox can also be used to maintain the desired look. Instead of letting your injection totally wear off after three to six months, the baby injections, which use about a quarter of a standard dose, can maintain the original look on a monthly basis.

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