Winter hands and how to prevent and treat them

Winter hands and how to prevent and treat them

When last did you look at your hands? Here are some clever tips to help you treat winter and even prevent them all together.

Our hands are probably the most exposed part of our bodies. Apart from the sun, harsh chemicals such as dishwashing liquid and soap, and extreme temperatures are all causes of signs of ageing on our hands. As one of the first places that reveal our age, it is of vital importance to treat them the same way as we treat our facial skin.

So how should we treat our hands?

Well, according to Optiphi ® Specialist Stephnie-Anne, a daily anti-ageing hand cream, such as the Renew Anti-Aging Hand cream from optiphi® is the ideal product to stash all over!

You should ideally have one in your car, handbag and on your bedside table. This diverse hand cream not only protects from the sun due to the sun protection factor 20 but also lightens and prevents age spots from sun exposure. To treat ageing, this hand cream contains magnificent Active ingredients targeting collagen and elastin building to prevent wrinkling.

Other ways to treat already aged hands is by doing a course of chemical peels. The optiphi® Rejuvenating Glycolic Acid Peel is ideal to even out texture, treat dark sunspots and re-build collagen and elastin fibres in the dermis to plump any lines and wrinkles.

Here are some practical tips to keep in mind:

· Avoid cutting cuticles with a cuticle nipper. It causes the skin around the nails to grow back tougher.

· Concentrate on rubbing the renew hand cream from optiphi® on cuticles to keep it soft and moisturised, preventing the formation of a hangnail.

· Never wash dishes without gloves. The harsh soaps of dishwashing liquid strip the skin of its natural barrier, increasing water loss from the skin.

· Always apply a moisturiser after hand-washing.

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