Fun for kids (and their parents)

Looking for a place where the kids can let off some steam and play while you grab a cup of coffee? Then listen up.

Looking for a place where the kids can let off some steam and play while you grab a cup of coffee?

Then listen up.

Thanks to budding entrepreneurs Danielle de Villiers and René Worst such a place exists and it’s fittingly called The Fun Room.

The idea came about when the two friends, Danielle (mom of two boys) and René (owner of a pre-school) talked about how tough it can be to enjoy a cup of coffee or breakfast with busy children running around.

“Children can understandably not sit still for very long and we talked about how wonderful it would be if we could go somewhere where both parents and children could be entertained and happy,” Danielle explains the inception of The Fun Room.

“There wasn’t quite something like this in Pretoria yet, so we decided to try and do it ourselves.”

The name came about because the duo wanted to create a space where adults and kids could have fun, relax and play.

“Play teaches children life skills that cannot be taught in a structured and formal setting,” René says.

“They learn vital important social and emotional skills that help them to cope later in life. Studies have shown that children are naturally playful. With the opportunity to follow their curiosity and to do what they enjoy, and to experiment with the world around them, they really just thrive! Without play, parts of their development struggle.”

Visitors can expect a ‘next-level’ indoor playground unlike anything seen before in Pretoria, complimented by a modern cafe area that serves light meals, great coffee, wine and beer. There is also free Wi-Fi.

It is a place where you can sit down and relax, knowing that your children are happy and well-looked after.

The Fun Room is suitable for children between the ages of 0 and 12 years old. And they also do kids birthday parties.

“We have a beautiful private party area that can be booked for birthday parties or special occasions. Play time, cold drinks and kiddies meals are included in our party packages, which are either two hours or three hours long,” René says.

The café offers a variety of breakfast and lunch options. These include anything from a health bowl to salmon royale for breakfast, or a bacon and halloumi salad to a rump steak bruschetta for lunch. There are also kiddies meals available.

Pop in during the week or make a booking for some fun time over the weekend. The Fun Room is quite popular over weekends, so book to avoid disappointment. It costs R110 for the first hour of play and R80 for each hour thereafter.

More about Danielle:

Danielle is mom of two boys and wife of cricket player AB de Villiers. She has an honours degree and background in Investment Management.

More about René:

René owns and runs Pooh Bear Montessori pre-school and has been successfully doing so for the past four years. Thus is an expert with children, whom she deeply loves.

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