Your diet is the key to health, mental acuity and happiness

Your diet is the key to health, mental acuity and happiness

Feeling exhausted and drained all the time? You might be suffering from CFIDS. Here’s what you need to know.

Feeling mentally and physically drained all the time?

Are mild exercises or mental activities exhausting you?

Or are you feeling more tired when you wake up than you did when you went to bed?

No need for panic. You might be suffering from a condition called Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS).

CFIDS manifests as a general weariness that can intensify after exercise and even mild mental exertion and which doesn’t improve even after a good night’s rest. Sufferers have reported joint pain, headaches, tender lymph nodes and stiff muscles too. Currently, the cure for the condition is unknown and the best science has to offer is the suggestion of “lifestyle adjustments” to help combat the worst of it.

This is a good place to start. However, solid links have been established between what modern societies eat and their citizens’ general mental, physical and emotional health. Countless studies have found clear relationships between what people put into their bodies, how they feel and how healthy they are.

Overweight people are at greater risk of developing serious illnesses as a direct result of the extra weight they carry from diabetes to heart disease to compromised immune systems that struggle to protect them from common ailments. Depression is common among this group as well.

The diets of modern humans have shifted from ones rich in natural nutrients to processed foods that are stripped of much of their nutritional content by the industrial-scale production methods required to feed billions of people. Therefore, there has been an unsurprisingly sharp rise in CFIDS and other ailments that negatively affect a large portion of the planet’s population.

While there is no consensus on which specific diet is best for the greatest number of people, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that eating a nutritional and balanced diet and doing some mild exercise is at the very least a good way to start working towards an overall healthier life and body.

Fortunately, there are many programmes available to people who are interested in improving their lives by changing what they eat and the Cambridge Weight Plan might be one of the most effective.

The Cambridge Weight Plan is a weight management system that aims to help people improve their health through adherence to meticulous but flexible eating programmes that are tailored to the individual’s requirements.

The plan offers a variety of foods, drinks and even desserts that are scientifically formulated to provide people with the right nutrients and minerals needed for their bodies to survive and thrive. And the best part is that it also encourages weight loss and helps you fight the cravings that sink the average dieter just days into any new diet.

A key component of the Cambridge Weight Plan is the unique support system it promotes that pairs dieters up with people who’ve already participated in the programme. That way the dieters receive emotional and mental support that encourages them to keep going when times are tough. And anyone who’s ever tried a diet will testify that this is half the battle won.

Now, while the Cambridge Weight Plan is in no way a cure for serious conditions like CFIDS, it can help to improve participants energy levels, encourage weight loss and help people take control of their health and lives.

For more information about the Cambridge Weight Plan, please visit for more details, participant testimonials and a look at the products it recommends.

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