Sell old toys online

Sell old toys online

Old toys are taking over the online trading market. Do you perhaps have something to sell?

What do you do with old toys? You’ll be surprised to hear there’s big market for old toys on the online trading.

What was once mere playthings have become collector’s items around the world.

Head of Core Business at Gumtree SA Claire Cobbledick says the category is growing all the time in South Africa as more people discover the potential value of childhood items.

Classic board games from any era, if they are in immaculate condition, are worth selling says Cobbledick, “especially if you have something like a Monopoly board from the time it was started in the 1930s”.

She adds that “vintage sets of age-old favourites like Mechano, which has been around since 1901 and Lego which first produced toys in the 1930s will find very willing buyers. As would a yo-yo from the 1920s when it was first a craze”.

If a toy were a big deal in its time then they’d usually still be in considerable demand.

Here is Claire’s decade-by-decade guide to which toys you should be checking your attic, cupboards and old suitcases for.

1950s. Toys from the ’50s now in the Toy Hall of Fame (yes, there is such a thing, it’s based in Rochester, New York) include the Frisbee, Mr Potato Head, Play-Doh, the Hula Hoop, the Skateboard, Tonka trucks and the Barbie doll. When Barbie first appeared in 1959 she cost R45. Today a 1959 Barbie in fair condition (without the box) can rake in about R150 000.

1960s. The decade of the Game of Life board game, Etch-A-Sketch, the Easy Bake Oven, Hot Wheels vehicles and Twister.

1970s. Standouts were the UNO card game, the Odyssey game system, Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars action figures.

1980s. The era of Gameboy, Trivial Pursuit, Jenga, Transformer figures and My Little Pony figures and playsets. If you have any unboxed figurines you can sell them for R500-R1 500 on Gumtree.

1990s. The time of Tamagotchi, Tickle Me Elmo, Bratz dolls, Beanie Babies, the Super Soaker and the legendary Pokémon trading cards. So legendary that a Pikachu Illustrator card recently sold at an auction for R21-million.

2000s. Dominated by Sony PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo Wii but there were also Razor Scooters, Webkinz, Ugly Dolls and Monster High Dolls and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


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