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Black is back

Black is back

Matte black taps and faucets are one of the key bathroom and kitchen trends for 2018… Kris Kardashian would be so pleased!

We chatted to Johnny Lamprecht from leading sanitaryware, tile and flooring supplier, Bathroom Bizarre, to find out how to use these taps successfully in your bathroom or kitchen design.

“Not since the introduction of chrome taps, has another finish been so overwhelmingly popular. Matte black taps, such as Bathroom Bizarre’s Sielo Montella Black range of taps for example, are bang on trend. It is easy to understand why – they offer a supremely elegant, simple, bold and designer aesthetic to any space they grace.”

“In fact, they can be used to quickly, easily and affordably transform an entire bathroom or kitchen space,” he explains.

The black taps feature in three particular trends in bathroom and kitchen design – these include marble, eco chic and monochromatic designs.

Marvellous marble

Marble is one of those classical finishes that never seem to go out of style. Notoriously expensive, traditionally marble has always been a finish associated with high-end homes and 5-star boutique hotels. However, of late, we have seen increasingly more marble-look tiles and mosaics being produced, which has made this finish more affordable to achieve, and its popularity has soared.

Says Johnny: “Marble-look tiles, such as Bathroom Bizarre’s Pepper, Clacatta and Cliff tiles for example, are comparatively much more affordable than genuine marble, more durable and better wearing, and a lot easier to install.”

Marble pairs spectacularly well with black taps, says Johnny: “Black taps really pop when juxtaposed against a white marble surface. However, the grey and black veining inherent in marble, ties in beautifully with the black taps as well.”

Naturally chic

What has been termed as the Eco Chic trend refers to the combination of organic materials, such as wood for example, with more industrial finishes, such as concrete or porcelain.

Says Johnny: “Too much industrial materials, and a space will seem hard and hostile. Too much organic material, and the space will seem too rustic and homey. However, getting the right combination of both can lead to achieving a perfectly balanced design – sleek and designer, yet simultaneously warm and inviting. Bathroom Bizarre’s newly launched Nevada Wall Hung bathroom vanity is the perfect example of this trend, and it would pair beautifully with black taps.”

Mindfully monochromatic

Black taps are a striking compliment to any monochromatic bathroom or kitchen scheme, says Johnny.

“Black taps work particularly well in all-black or all-white colour schemes – either blending in seamlessly or creating an arresting contrast. All-black colour schemes are becoming an increasingly popular colour choice, and black taps are the perfect compliment. What’s more is that black taps make water residue invisible – so there are no smudges are water marks, not even up close.”

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