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Autographs And Signatures For Sale

Autographs And Signatures For Sale

Making money from autographs? Yes it’s a thing. Here’s what you need to know.

Autographs and signatures of musicians could be worth serious money. That’s if you know what to look for.

Claire Cobbledick, head of core business at Gumtree, says online classifieds sites like Gumtree see huge amounts of signed musical memorabilia listed each year, much of it is relatively low priced.

But, don’t be fooled. The signatures of some famous musicians could attract big sums of money.

According to Claire, the market is particularly strong for superstars who have recently died because the supply of signed items immediately becomes finite and value therefor increases.

It’s on this basis that a current Gumtree lister is asking R1m for a framed and a signed picture of George Michael.

Although a bit optimistic. globally good quality signatures of the Wham lead singer, who died in late 2016, can fetch up to more than R15 000.

The late David Bowie’s autograph is high in demand at the moment with R60 000 and more being asked for some items.

In the local SA market, anything to do with Elvis Presley always commands a decent price but Claire says that signed memorabilia from Lady Gaga, Billy Idol, Annie Lennox and Nelly Furtado are all currently listed on Gumtree at over R1 000 each.

Think you might have a signature of value?

When evaluating a signature one must look at :

The backdrop matters

Handwritten letters, albums or photos are worth more than serviettes, restaurant menus or scraps of paper.

Ink is worth more than a pencil

Pencil fades easily while ink will stay bold for a long time so collectors value it more.

Damage to the autograph or signature will lower the cost

This includes smears, stains, creases, smudging, tears, fading or holes.


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