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Pack it away!

Pack it away!

The coming holidays may be the perfect time to tackle the kid’s room or playroom and create a bit of order among the chaos. Here’s a few easy ideas to try out.

Cute displays are all the rage, especially for toys like cars. Attach simple wooden beams to the walls and pack your son’s little cars in a line on the beam. This will look neat and work as a display.

Who said vegetable racks are just meant to store veggies? Put these stackable containers to good use in your kid’s room. A lick of paint will match the crates to your décor in no time.

Getting the little ones dressed in the mornings shouldn’t be a drag. Simply label drawers as the days of the week. This way each day’s clothes is perfectly laid out and ready to go.

Not have a lot of space but still want to keep your kid’s room neat and tidy? Make a big round drawstring bag which opens up into a ‘play mat’. When playtime is over, simply pull the strings and put the bag away. Visit pretoria.getitonline.co.za for an easy tutorial.

This is a quick and easy way to keep toys together. Simply hang wire planters from the walls at varying heights so the kids can pack their toys away themselves.

A neat little organisational trick is to store teeny tiny toys like cars, Lego, dolls, etc. into clear plastic containers. You will be able to see each type of toy at a glance, but colourful labels will also help.

Attach a number of hooks to the wall to hold smaller items or plastic buckets to store soft toys, building blocks, etc.



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