Coolest Coffee Trends for 2018

Coolest Coffee Trends for 2018

We sure love our coffee, but even we’ve never had the chance to get a sip of a coffee cocktail. Yes, it’s a thing! Check out these great ways to get your daily caffeine fix.

Struggling to start your day without that first cup of freshly brewed coffee? Don’t worry, we feel the same way.

For most “coffeeholics”, the pleasure of the perfect cup has become part of their daily lifestyle.

As the fastest-growing sector in emerging local markets, our obsession with coffee is showing no signs of slowing down, in fact, new trends are emerging and we can’t wait to try them out.

Check out the coffee trend forecast for 2018, courtesy of Nespresso:

Iced Coffee
The unforgivingly hot African climate doesn’t always make a hot cup of coffee the best choice. Make yourself a delicious Iced Coffee treat at home. Nespresso has launched two Limited Edition coffees, the Intenso on Ice and Leggero on Ice, that have been specially crafted for iced coffee preparation to keep you cool in the warm summer months.

Coffee Cocktails
Yes, cocktails! Gone are the days of the humble Irish Coffee. A host of new drinks hitting bottle store shelves see beans being infused into everything from beer and cognac to vodka and whisky. From espresso martinis to Amarula and coffee on ice, a boozy brew is the drink of choice for entertaining at home or enjoying in the trendiest bars.

Convenient Caffeine
Sometimes it’s just not possible to slow down and smell the coffee, so why not grab it on the go?

Make the sustainable choice and opt for an eco-friendly Nespresso travel mug. Top it up with your favourite brew at home or get your barista to use your travel mug instead.This mug is perfect for hot and cold.

Sweet and Simple
Coffee is becoming more popular for younger generations. While more learned palates enjoy the acidity and bitterness of black coffee, coffee trends at large are moving towards sweeter beverages to appeal to the tastes of millennials. Meaning an increase in coffee-syrup infusions, iced coffees, sweet coffees or a preference for natural coffees due to their sweet notes.

Becoming the Barista
A craft coffee fix is no longer just available from your local roastery. Nespresso machines with unique settings and a range of capsules encompassing different intensities and flavours make your coffee experience quick, easy and best of all, customisable, all in the comfort of your own home.

High quality, gourmet coffee is the name of the game and the more discerning consumer of 2018 is taking matters into their own hands. Getting your hands on a perfect cup of coffee can be a challenge, the general trend is maximising the experiential value of your coffee. Hot or cold, at home or with friends, your coffee moment is what you make of it.

Here’s to leaving average coffee in 2017.

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