How to simply treat sunburn

How to simply treat sunburn

Forgetting your sunscreen at home is never a good idea. Especially in this heat. If you did and now suffer from sunburn, here are a few remedies you can try to ease the pain.

Milk is magic:

Did you know that milk can effectively help treat sunburn? The fat, protein and pH of milk have a soothing anti-inflammatory effect on skin. What is more is that when chilled, the cold temperature of the milk constricts blood vessels and reduce swelling. Decant a few millilitres of milk into a bowl, dip your facecloth in and dab the cloth on the affected area.

Buchu is best:

Buchu is an age-old miracle herb with endless skin benefits. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties treat the pain and discomfort of sunburn, while the herb’s anti-histamine properties alleviates itching. Reach for Buchulife’s clear and cooling topical First Aid Gel and apply to the affected area. For added cooling action, keep a tube in the fridge.

Rooibos is right:

Do not limit your use of rooibos to a cup of tea. Instead, let the tea bag steep in a cup of warm water, drain the excess water from the bag and dab on areas affected by sunburn. And if your province is not experiencing dire water shortages, run a bath, add a few tea bags and hop in. Rooibos is known to help soothe the sting of sunburned skin.

Water is a wonder:

Sunburn equals dehydrated skin. So, if you cannot opt for a cool shower, use a cool compress soaked in a little water to help treat your sunburned skin. And remember to also drink plenty of water. Keeping well-hydrated helps the body to heal better naturally.

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