Strapped for cash? Here are a few ideas.

Strapped for cash? Here are a few ideas.

Avoid the strain of Janu-Worry and turn unwanted Christmas gifts into cash.

Most of us start the year a little bit strapped for cash and one way to sort that out (if you can bare it) is to sell your unwanted Christmas gifts online.

Over half the respondents to a recent Gumtree poll reported that they never used at least some of their Christmas presents.

But, according to Gumtree Head of Core Business Claire Cobbledick, only a small percentage of those unwanted gifts will ever be exchanged or used for re-gifting, leaving the vast majority to just lie around unused.

“This represents a lot of clutter and a huge waste of easy potential cash; we see a big spike in particular items every January, which indicates that some of our users are trading their unwanted gifts – but many more people should be taking advantage of this annual trend”.

She says the top ‘unwanted gift’ listings each year include candles, clothing, jewellery and books, as well as big ticket items like televisions, unopened fragrances, watches and cellphones. So, if you’re looking to score a New Year deal on some brand new boxed items, it’s a good idea to put “unwanted gift” into Gumtree’s search bar.

Cobbledick also notes that the new year is a good time to sell some of those items people bought for themselves during the pre-Christmas discounting season and are now regretting it.

“It’s a quick way to ease the strain and get some cash flow to tide you over until the January payday, which always seems so far away.”


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