Take food pics like a pro

Take food pics like a pro

Feast Your Eyes: Top tips for the best foodie snaps on Insta!

Taking foodie pics and sharing them on social media platforms like Instagram has never been more popular.

The key? Taking as many high-quality food photos as possible.

How good are your snapping skills?

Not to worry. Thanks to UberEATS SA you too can now take pics like a pro.

They recently treated a select handful of media gurus and bloggers to an evening filled with food and fine wine. Some experts were then introduced to show how best to portray what they were about to consume in its most flattering light and from its best angle – all for the purpose of optimal social media likes.

Together with UberEATS in South Africa, Gabi Esposito (a Cape Town-based chef, food photographer and stylist) and Claire Allen (a celebrity chef and well-known face on the Cape Town foodie scene) hosted the group of 30 media and bloggers to enjoy good food and learn more about the art of food-snapping. The duo showed guests that no fancy photographic equipment was needed, just their smart phone’s built-in camera, and maybe some editing apps.

Claire’s food provided visually inspirational content for Gabi to use when communicating her tips and tricks for taking that perfect shot. She also gave her insider tips on the best meals ordered from UberEATS.

Gabriella’s tip #1 was on lighting, with the brighter the better being the golden rule when it comes to food. Too many meals can look unidentifiable when badly lit, so lots of lighting is needed to pick out the ingredients, colours and textures.

Tip #2 was to find the best vantage point – when in doubt, get high, were her exact words. This is to ensure that the image doesn’t look cut off, or like a simple snap. Ideally, the entire dish should be shown and the photographer should get some distance to capture steam or show the light playing flatteringly on the food. No flat or dark meals were snapped on this night!

Gabi strictly advised that tip #3 is to avoid being a flasher. She said: “Where possible, rely on natural light as opposed to artificial and overly bright overhead lighting. If that’s not possible, there’s nothing wrong with taking a handheld light with you to ensure you never let your followers down with a badly lit composition.”

Finally, tip #4 on post-production (and yes, there is such a thing when using your smartphone), Gabi revealed that there were a number of easy-to-use free apps available on Android or iOS for editing pictures. Sharpen the image, crop it if needs be, and brighten the colours. It’s not cheating if you’re just enhancing an already perfect dish!

When you go out and use these tips to take your top foodie pics, be sure to include #FeastYourEyes or #ShareYourEATS. You might even encourage more people to shoot and share gorgeous foodie images, the more the better!


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