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Five fundamental financial New Year’s resolutions

Five fundamental financial New Year’s resolutions

Have some financial New Year’s resolutions to uphold? Check out these tips.

2018 is in full swing … and we’re still in a bit of a daze.

Time flies, that’s for sure. And also our money, it seems.

So, let’s hear it. What are your financial New Year’s resolutions? And, don’t lie.

Zeeva’s team specifically focus on protecting your finances and helping you with debt. They share five fundamental financial resolutions that you can incorporate this 2018:

1. Take a thorough look at your bank statements

You cannot determine where your monthly income is going if you don’t “inspect” your leakages. Print out your bank statements of the last few months and see where those spending leaks are. Don’t delay – start doing something about it.

2. Start going DEBIT and boo CREDIT

Rather use your debit card and avoid your credit card when paying for purchases. Remember: when using your credit card, usually the first 55 days are interest-free, but after that, you pay interest. Why don’t you tuck your credit card away and get into the habit of not using or needing it?

3. Use financial phone apps to your advantage

The following apps are rated as the best free money-saving apps:

4. Save for those emergencies

Save for emergencies by having a proper monthly budget in place (R800 to R1 000 per person in your household). Set an emergency savings goal amount for each month, starting with a small amount at first and then increase it throughout the year. Note: your budget and goals must be set according to your own personal financial situation.

5. Before you get lost in debt – ask the pros…

Life happens. Don’t be ashamed of getting the financial help you need. Ask your financial advisor or your banker for assistance and get your finances on the right track. If you are struggling with debt, why not get into contact with Zeeva. Debt review is a scary word for some but in the end, if you are really stuck, allow yourself some breathing room and protection.

Get excited about 2018. And, try to incorporate the above in your financial New Year’s resolutions or goals. It will make your life a little easier and your future financial position a whole lot better.


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