For the fitness lovers and the new year resolution-setters

For the fitness lovers and the new year resolution-setters

Ever heard of freeletics? Well, it’s the latest fitness craze. We can’t wait to try out this app.

For those who don’t have the time or can’t afford a personal trainer but still want to beat the “festive kilos” this app is sure to be the perfect gift.

Used daily by Khloe Kardashian as well as our very own local MMA fighter, Ashley Robinson, the Freeletics app is a must-have for anyone and everyone.

With AI and machine learning it offers the most advanced digital fitness coach in the world as well as a supporting and motivating community of almost 20 million free athletes. Online or offline. Cool hey?

Freeletics is a high interval training app (HIIT for short) that combines full-body routines and exercises with running for a complete fat-shredding workout. It is fast, efficient, effective and it keeps you fit in under 20 minutes a day. So you have more time for life.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or merely looking to lose weight and tone up – this virtual coach is for you.

Love to train outdoors, in your kitchen, at the gym or in your office, Freeletics will take you through every step. The app uses a virtual coach to assess your fitness level. The app then combines the results with your age, weight and workout goals to customise an exercise plan just for you. You’ll then have access to the online community of “Free Athletes” – a fun way to share tips, get advice and even compete with one another.

With Freeletics you can work out anytime, anywhere with little to no equipment. All workouts are designed to last between five and 30 minutes and you have more than 1 000 training variations to choose from.

Available in South Africa and free for download on iOS and Android

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