Move over Craft Gin and Beer….Southern Moonshine is here!

Move over Craft Gin and Beer….Southern Moonshine is here!

Cocktails, sippin’ drinks and shooters will never be the same again thanks to Gauteng’s own Southern Moonshine range.

Eeeek!! We’re literally counting the days until the December holidays start!

We’re in the mood to party into the new year.

And what’s better than an ice cold drink to help you ring in 2018.

Speaking of party. We’ve stumbled upon a drink that you simply have to try out. It’s the all-new Southern Moonshine range of unaged American-style moonshines, handmade in small batches, right here in South Africa.

The unique Southern Moonshine collection of high-quality sipping drinks is led by the flagship Clear Shine, a smooth and genuine, pure spirit that is diluted to 50% alcohol by volume (ABV) – in American terms, 100% proof. It is a complex, mercurial spirit, alluring with a grain character without the influence of oak barrel maturation and is as authentically American as it gets.

Joining this new kid on the craft block is the Charred Shine (also diluted to 50% ABV). Similar in flavour to a good bourbon, it is made from Clear Shine and flavoured with an oak barrel essence.

Silver Creek Craft Distillery also produces four Southern Moonshine Flavoured ‘Shines (24% ABV), with genuine American flavours made exclusively for the distillery in the American state of Louisville, Kentucky.

This fun foursome includes Apple Pie Moonshine, which tastes just like momma’s puddin’-in-a-bottle; Bon Fire Moonshine, with a zip of hot cinnamon; Salted Caramel Moonshine – heavenly more-ish as they come; and, Chocolate Moonshine – a combo of dark chocolate and black coffee in a shot.

Tucked away in an old mine building in Gauteng’s Randfontein, the state-of-the-art Silver Creek Craft Distillery does everything by hand – from mashing and fermentation to distillation and bottling. This process allows for extra special care, which is why every bottle is signed by the distiller.


Try your hand at a Southern Moonshine cocktail.

It’s called The Munchkin.

Main alcohol: Southern Moonshine Charred Shine & Southern Moonshine Apple Pie


25 ml Southern Moonshine Charred ‘Shine

25 ml Southern Moonshine Apple Pie

125 ml Orange Juice

125 ml Apple Juice

125 ml Sparkling Juice

½ squeezed fresh lime


Add all the ingredients into a shaker and add lots of crushed ice.

Serve in a Mason Jar.

Makes one large cocktail or two smaller cocktail servings.



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