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Don’t be a victim of signal jamming

Don’t be a victim of signal jamming

Vehicle jamming incidents, also known as remote blocking are on the rise and if you don’t want to become a statistic, check out these helpful tips.

For any South African, becoming a statistic in the country’s rising vehicle jamming figures is a real danger.

Vehicle jamming or remote blocking happens when criminals block a vehicle’s remote signal by simply pressing down on a gate remote device while the vehicle owner presses down on their immobiliser to activate the vehicle alarm and the central locking.

“Most vehicle and gate remotes operate on the same frequency, making it easier to interfere with the signals. Thus, a driver will be under the impression they’ve locked their vehicle while they haven’t,” explains Hannes Smith, head of personal lines sales and operations at Old Mutual Insure.

Old Mutual Insure urges all South Africans to be vigilant when exiting their vehicles and to make sure it is properly locked.

“Don’t just press your vehicle alarm and walk away. Always make sure by testing to see if you can open your vehicle door after activating the alarm. If your door opens, get back in and drive away. Chances are that the criminals are watching you nearby,” says Smith.

Not only can it be traumatic to fall victim to vehicle jamming, but it could also be very costly.

“Due to the increase in incidents of remote blocking, Old Mutual Insure policies cover items stolen from unoccupied motor vehicles, even if there are no visible signs of forced entry, provided some conditions are met. Previously, these policies only compensated customers for items stolen from unattended vehicles only if there were visible signs of forced entry.”

Don’t be a victim of remote blocking, follow these easy steps:

– Do not leave any valuable items in your vehicle. If there are any, do not leave them in a place where they are easily visible, such as the front seat. Rather make sure any valuables are locked in the boot or a hidden compartment.

– Do not rely on sound only and assume that your vehicle is locked. Watch the vehicle lock whilst listening to hear for the distinctive “bleep”.

– Before walking away, press the immobiliser and check the door handle to make sure the vehicle is locked.

– Park as close to the entrance of the shopping centre as possible as there are always a lot of people and movement in this area.

– Be aware of suspicious individuals lingering around the parking area.


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