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Weird Beauty Trends You Should Try

Weird Beauty Trends You Should Try

2017 has revealed some interesting trends when it comes to beauty. Check some of them out here.


It’s often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Well, behold these interesting beauty trends that are currently making waves on the internet and on runways worldwide. Try some of these and turn heads.

1. Neon Eyeliner

Gone are the days when neon make-up would only be seen at raves and in mosh pits. Neon eyeliner is a trend that most beauty bloggers seem to be embracing. Taking the highlighter trend literally has never looked so good.

Products for this look: PaintGlow UV Neon Eyeliner & Mascara Set Pink

2. Lip Strip

Beauty blogger Princy Mascarenhas

Channel your inner Padme Amidala with this new trend that has the internet buzzing. A lip strip is a strip of lipstick that you can put on your normal lipstick to give it an exotic look.

Product for this look: Retro Matte Lipstick  and  Pro Longwear Lip Pencil from MAC

3. Faux Freckles

People who grew up not loving their freckles can rejoice. Now everyone wants to be like you. Faux Freckles are a real thing and there are even products designed to give you faux freckles.

Products for this look: Faux Freckles

4. Glitter Beards

Who said that only girls get to have all the fun? Guys can now style their beards by adding glitter to them. It’s a relatively easy and cheap process that only needs beard oil and glitter.

Watch this interesting video below for how to get this look. Glitter has never looked so macho.

Products for this look: The Gentleman’s Beard Club Mini Beard Oil Cuban Smoke and glitter from any art store.

5. Squiggle eyebrows

This is a new trend that emerged this year and we are crazy about it. Get a bold new look with squiggly eyebrows. Would you try it out? We hope you do!

Here’s a quick tutorial to teach you how to get this look:

6. Unicorn nails

We all love unicorns. I mean who wouldn’t want to be a unicorn? Now you can with these dazzling Unicorn nails. It is basically a manicure where you can get colourful unicorn horns or unicorn nail art on your hands. Go out and be magical!

Products for this look: Ask your nail technician next time you go to the nail bar

7. Holographic Lips

A futuristic look guaranteed to turn heads. All you need is shimmer powder and blue-tinted lip gloss and voila! You’ll look like you stepped out of the year 3000. A bold new look for the warmer weather.

Products for this look: Lime Crime Diamond Crushers – Trip and a decent lip gloss will do the trick.

8. Wet hair

This look is usually popular with celebrities but you can now get your curly wet locks yourself. Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and countless others have rocked this look. Try it out.

Products for this look: Clicks Wet Look Styling Gel Firm Hold 500 ml


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