Get your pipes fixed: tips for hiring a plumber

Get your pipes fixed: tips for hiring a plumber

The best way to try and eliminate any plumbing issues is to make sure that you choose a reputable plumber. Check out these nifty tips.

We’ve all heard horror stories about plumbing and generally, you will only appreciate good plumbing once you have experienced plumbing issues. Below are a few tips from Candice Gomes, sales director, Project Channel, Grohe Dawn Water Technology to note when choosing a plumber:

– Reputable plumbers will be registered with the Plumbing Industries Regulation Board (PIRB). This will allow the plumber to issue a certificate of compliance for work completed – which provides you, the customer, with recourse should things go wrong. The plumber needs to show his/her PIRB card as proof. There is a website and an app on the PIRB website to check the number for integrity purposes: you can contact the PIRB on 0861 PIRB Plumber (0861 747 2758).

– Additionally, reputable plumbers will also register with the Institute o Plumbing (IOPSA). While this is voluntary this gives consumers additional peace of mind, as this ensures that work completed is inspected by the PIRB inspectorate. Non-compliant work that is not corrected leads to deregistration of the respective installer. There are various contacts available per region which can be found on the following website:

– Ask if the plumber has insurance. This is to ensure that in the event of possible incidents the plumber will be liable and the consumer protected. Insurance that the plumber should have should include public liability, defective workmanship as well as product liability.

– Check if the company has references – if they are credible this should be no problem. Also, check their website for additional information and information about current work they are busy with. Websites to refer to and

– Ask friends or family who have recently had work done if they can recommend anyone – then investigate the plumber’s compliance and points noted above.



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