A doggie treat with more bite than bark

A doggie treat with more bite than bark

Spoil your best friend with this tasty treat

Dogs have been at mankind’s side since they evolved from wolves. They protect us, work with us but most importantly, they love us unconditionally. What better way to show that you love them too than with these tasty doggie biscuits?

With Buchu and Rooibos extracts as its natural active ingredients, The Good Dog Treats, by Ricky Litchfield is the perfect healthy doggie snack to maintain a healthy digestive system. Treat man’s best friend with an all-natural dog biscuit, packed with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties guaranteed to get their tails wagging.

Available in a range of irresistible flavours, including roast chicken, braised beef, smoky bacon and roast lamb, the Buchu in the biscuits boosts overall well-being, promotes hip, joint and bone strength, as well as a healthy skin and a flawless coat.

Ricky Litchfield products are available at vet shops nationwide.



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