Five Girl Power Movies to Watch This Weekend

Five Girl Power Movies to Watch This Weekend

Who run the world? Girls! Phenomenal girl power films to keep you entertained.

Movies have always brought people together. We all have that one movie character we relate with. For some, it’s Snow White, for others, it’s Jason Voorhees. But nothing can connect women like a good chick flick with a strong female lead. So today, we give you five movies that will amaze and make you want to take a road trip with your best friend or even start a ‘fetch’ new clique.

– Thelma and Louise

This classic film starring Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis is about the amazing power of friendship and how we would do whatever we can for our friends. In this film, best friends Thelma Dickinson (Davis) and Louise Sawyer (Sarandon) take a road trip that goes awry when Thelma is raped and Louise kills the rapist. What follows is a series of misadventures and a thrilling cop chase.

– Mean Girls

This coming of age movie about cliques in high school is hilarious and entertaining. Cady Heron, played by Lindsay Lohan, moves from Africa with her parents to discover a whole new jungle: High School. Riddled with cliques and mean girls, Cady becomes friends with popular girl Regina George and hijinks start happening. The movie is so “Fetch’’

– Kill Bill

This action packed film, starring Uma Thurman, is what we’ve always dreamed of. Who wouldn’t want to get revenge on the people that wronged them? A bride’s wedding day is ruined by the league of assassins she used to be part of. She wakes up from a coma and goes after them. One by one.

– Scream

This horror movie gave us the killer Ghostface but forget him. We’re here for the heroine, Sydney Prescott. She is the ultimate lead actress. Played to perfection by Neve Campbell, we get to see how Sydney grows up and learn of Ghostface’s tricks and how she uncovers a few copycat killers along the way. Sydney for the win.

– Mulan

The ultimate girl power film that shows that women can be anything they want. Even soldiers. Mulan is a Disney animated film about a young girl who dresses up like a man to help save China from the invading hordes of Huns. Starring the voice talents of Ming Na Wen, Eddie Murphy and Pat Morita (you know him as Mr Miyagi), Mulan is an adventure fit for the whole family.

Happy viewing.


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