Five gadgets we all need

Five gadgets we all need

5 Gadgets you simply have to get your hands on.

Technology is ever-changing and these days, it’s quite normal for your fridge to remind you that you’re out of eggs or for your smart house to turn on the lights at 18:00.

Technological advances have changed how we eat, travel and even date.

So this week, we rounded up the top 5 gadgets you simply cannot go without:

1. Amazon Echo Dot

This hands-free, voice controlled device plays music, controls smart home devices, makes calls and can send and receive messages. It’s like having a personal assistant of your very own. It retails at R1399,44. A small price to pay for a live in PA, honestly.


2. Samsung S8

Just when we thought smartphones couldn’t get any better, they totally did.

The Samsung S8 is an amazing device that’ll provide for all your smartphone needs.

This could be the last smartphone you’ll ever need, which is highly unlikely. They just keep getting better!!!

It comes in a range of colours including Rose Pink and Arctic Silver. It uses Android 7.0 (Nougat) and is water resistant for depths of 1.5 metres and for 30 minutes. It comes standard with iris and fingerprint sensors.

Get yourself one.

You’ll thank yourself! Retails at R17 999


3. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Who said gaming is just for guys? The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro comes with a slim design and exciting heightened visuals to offer an unrivalled experience of gaming.

With 1TB of storage and a DVD drive, you can store all your games and movies without worrying about running out of space.

It also offers high definition resolution and realistic images and stunning visual effects. Retails at R6 899.


4. Apple MacBook Pro

If you’ve seen one MacBook, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong!

The newly released MacBook Pro comes with an Intel Iris graphics so it looks visually appealing.

The function keys are gone and have been replaced with a Touch Bar that has Touch ID. Interesting times for the MacBook. It retails at R18 999.



5. Whoosh! Screen Cleaner

We all know how dirty and dusty our screens get every time we use them.

Whether it be your work PC, your laptop or even your phone, keep it clean with Whoosh! Screen cleaner.

Retailing at R202, this miracle worker of screen cleaners is small enough to keep in your laptop back and contains up to 250 sprays. The spray is non-toxic and safe to use on all your devices.


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