Five driving habits that are damaging your car

Five driving habits that are damaging your car

We all have them… pesky driving habits. Here are the top five habits you simply have to stop doing.

Habits are easy to create but oh so difficult to stop.

When it comes to those pesky driving habits you might want to consider stopping sooner rather than later.

These habits might not be intentional but can cause damage to your car, your health and even cost you your life.

Here’s a list of five habits that has to stop immediately:

1. Resting your hand on the gear

Unless you’re changing gears, keep your hands on the steering wheel.

Resting your hand on the gear places unnecessary strain on the gearbox and will eventually lead to internal wear.

2. Driving with minimal petrol

Petrol might be expensive but only filling up with small amounts could lead to a costly repairing bill later.

Only pouring in a minimal amount of petrol will cause your petrol pump to wear out much faster than it should.

If you really can’t fill your tank up, keep it at least quarter full.

This will prevent any premature damage.

3. Driving around with junk in your trunk

Having a mobile wardrobe in your boot might seem to be a great idea and be very convenient but at what cost?

Driving around with unnecessary weight in your car is not only a safety risk but it also affects your car’s fuel efficiency, car handling and causes extra strain on it’s suspension, brakes and drive-train components.

4. Ignoring the warning signs

Let’s say you’ve had your car for a while… that means you’re used to all of the squeaks and sounds that it makes, right?

What have you done about them?

The squeaks and sounds you’ve gotten used to are warning signs that something is about to give in.

To avoid a car breakdown at the worst time possible, get your car checked out as soon as you can.

5. Hard braking and fast acceleration

Once in a while you might be tempted to experiment with your advanced driving skills… don’t!

Standard cars are not equipped to do this.

Unexpected stops might sometimes be necessary, but keep in mind that doing this will cause unnecessary brake pad and rotor wear out much sooner than you had expected.



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