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Almighty aluminium windows and doors

Almighty aluminium windows and doors

The benefits of aluminium windows and doors. Here’s why you might want to consider the change.

The most sought-after material choice for architects designing new houses, has got to be aluminium windows and doors. Looking at their many benefits, it is quite easy to understand why.

Cobus Lourens, from Swartland, shares why aluminium windows and doors have become such a popular option.

– Slim profiles

One of the main reasons why aluminium windows and doors have become so popular is because they boast very slim sight lines. What this means is that more of the window or door can be made of glass, this works to your benefit because you will be afforded the best and most unhindered views to the outdoors.

– Extreme durability

Aluminium is ultra-light weight and a low density metal, to add onto that, it is unlikely to corrode, wrap, rot or fade. It also does not expand or contract when exposed to elements and varying temperatures. This means that your windows and doors can boast a lengthy lifespan and will be excellent long-term value for money.

– Cost-effective

Aluminium windows and doors are comparatively priced in the market and are ready to install. This makes them a cost-effective option for a new build or renovation.

They come preglazed and require no painting or sealing – saving more time and money. Virtually no maintenance is required after installation. This means even more savings over the lifespan of the product.

– Low maintenance

Aluminium windows and doors do not need sanding, painting or sealing – translating to requiring little maintenance and upkeep from you.

All you are required to do is to keep them in pristine condition, wash them down with warm and soapy water every now and then.

– Glazing options

Glazing forms a big part of aluminium windows and doors, as a result, the type of glazing you choose can have a large impact on the functionality of the window and door in question.

Your options, when it comes to glazing, include:

– tinted glass: absorbs and re-radiates solar energy which reduces sun glare, heat and provides climate control.

– reflective glass: offers a greater level of solar control, compared to tinted glass.

– low E glass: low emissivity glass has a microspically thin coating which allows the sun’s heat and light to pass through the glass and into the home, while blocking heat from escaping the room.

– Environmetally-friendly

Apart from being exceptionally durable, aluminium windows and doors have a low carbon footprint and seal exceptionally well. This means excellent air-tightness and optimum house energy efficiency, this will result in a warmer, less draughty home and, of course, a lower energy bill.



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