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Remodeling the heart and soul of your home

Remodeling the heart and soul of your home

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? This is what you should consider

You spend so much time in our kitchens preparing meals for your loved ones but did you know that your kitchen is the most financially valuable in your house and thus the biggest potential contributor to the value of your property?

You better believe it!

According to Lara Machado, head of the training academy at Engel & Volkers Southern Africa, 50 percent of home buyers are influenced and impressed by a new kitchen and 28 percent are prepared to pay more for higher quality kitchen.

Now thinking of upgrading that kitchen without committing to a major remodeling? Here are a few tips:

1. Consider adding an island or butcher block table to the centre of your kitchen. It will give you more work and storage space. If you have a smaller kitchen purchase a rolling island instead. The wheels thereof will allow you to move it around the kitchen or to the side when you need more space.

2. A chalkboard wall is not only a versatile decorative feature, it also doubles up as a practical addition because it allows the family to write down to-do lists, menus and shopping lists at a common location. Bonus? It won’t get lost and you can always snap a picture of it when you have to pick something up at the shops.

It also makes for a great space where budding artists in the family can express themselves. A can of black chalkboard paint is inexpensive and a great way to dress up a wall for the perfect backdrop.

If wall space is something you’re running short of, the back of the door or cabinet surface will also do the trick.

3. Spice drawers are better than the more common spice rack because it frees up wall space for items which aren’t used often. So why not turn one of your flat drawers into a spice drawer?

If possible, use a drawer close to the stove.

4. Add an induction cooktop or replace your electric stove with a gas stove. Induction cooktops are energy-efficient and generate heat directly into compatible pots or pans, making it even more efficient than gas.

5. Why not give your upper kitchen cabinets a new look. Convert them to open shelving/ floating shelves – very convenient for storing essentials like cups and pans or condiments/spices all at a hand’s reach.

6. Add a creative planter to your windowsill for edible herbs to spruce up your new kitchen decor with green colours and wonderful aromas.

7. Stone sinks and counter tops are where the trend is heading. Change your old bland stainless steel sinks to beautiful stone sinks available in various colours and styles, or replace melamine counter tops with granite or Caesar stone – this is sure to add value to your home’s resale price.

8. Why not automate the kitchen? The kitchen of the future is here today.

From sensor-activated lights which illuminate the kitchen only when it’s in use, meat thermometers that alert your smartphone or tablet when your dinner is done to smart kettles and coffee machines that get turned on from your smartphone.

9. A kitchen cart can add a bit more storage space and free up your counter tops from your cooking books, gadgets, and other non-cooking supplies.

10. Should you have a large kitchen, adding a table and assorted chairs is a great way to make it cosy and create an environment for the family to be together while preparing meals.



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