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Floor-to-ceiling sliding doors

Floor-to-ceiling sliding doors

Thinking about renovating your home? Sliding doors are the latest craze – here are a few tips to consider before you take the plunge.

Ask any photographer and they will tell you about the importance and effect of natural light.

When it comes to our homes, natural light provides ambiance, brings the outdoors inside and helps create a tranquil environment to relax in.

The easiest way to allow for natural light in your home is with sliding doors.

The unique architectural wonders help flood interior spaces with natural light, provide easy-to-open and convenient access and have proven to be the most popular option for patio doors.

For more info we caught up with Cobus Lourens, from Swartland, to find out what we should take into consideration before investing in sliding doors.

– Single or multiple panes

There are most often two types of sliding doors to choose from. Sliding doors that boast multiple glass panels or lights and ones with single large panes of uninterrupted clear glass.

– Choose a material

A sliding door that leads to the outside will need to be able to withstand exposure to various elements. As a result, the material they are made from needs to be taken into careful consideration.

There are two materials, in particular, that are best suited. Namely, aluminium and timber.

– Aluminium

Sliding doors made from aluminium have become increasingly sought after. It’s an affordable, light and durable material that’s also corrosion resistant and works well in most climates. Also, aluminium is powder coated, this means that it doesn’t need to be painted!

– Timber

If sourced from sustainable managed forests, timber boasts unparalleled green credentials is a building material. It also offered great insulation, it’s durable and long lasting as well.

If you’re worried about maintaining it, don’t! If sealed with a water-based sealant, it will no longer require a lot of maintenance and will therefore, keep looking its best.

– Energy efficiency

Selecting the right sliding doors is a critical step in minimising the costs of heating and cooling your home. Choosing energy efficient glazing on your sliding doors will save you lots of money, over their life span.

– Operation and security

Make sure the sliding doors offer smooth and easy operation and don’t require much effort.



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