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Beauty Hacks you didn’t know about

Beauty Hacks you didn’t know about

Vaseline and Apple cider vinegar beauty hacks you have to know. You can thank us later

Many household items in your house have multiple uses, some you might not even know of.

We found two, in particular, that could be very useful to beauty hacks – Vaseline and apple cider vinegar.

Local make-up artist Kamogelo Phuti tells us more:

Here are a few uses for Vaseline:

– Eye make-up remover

– Substitute for lipgloss

– Rub it on split ends between haircuts

– Applied onto your teeth to avoid embarrassing lipstick stains

– Mixed with lipstick to create a cremé blush

Apple cider vinegar can also be useful in your beauty toolkit:

– It can be used as a skin toner to prevent and treat acne

– To rinse your hair to remove shampoo build up. It also helps prevent dandruff

– It makes for a great hair untangler, especially ethnic hair

– It can be applied onto dark spots on your face to correct hyperpigmentation

– Can also be used to get rid of skin warts. (Dab onto the wart then put a band-aid over it. Repeat for a week and voila)

Beauty tip: If you want to make your eyes look bigger, apply white eyeliner to your lower waterline.

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