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Make your own DIY mobile water feature

Make your own DIY mobile water feature

It’s super easy to make and will have all your friends talking.

There is something about the last few weeks of winter. The chill has passed, and it’s time for a bit of relaxation and lounging around – the last bit before the colourful spring season takes over.

Enjoy the few last weeks of winter and put your DIY skills to the test with this mobile terracotta clay pot and saucer fountain. It will look gorgeous among your outdoor greenery. When it’s done, the calming sound of the flowing water will have you feeling rested and relaxed.

What you will need:
– 1 x 35.56cm plastic or terracotta saucer
– 1 x 15.5cm terracotta saucer
– 1 x 17.5cm terracotta saucer
– 3 x 11cm saucers
– 1 x 15.5cm terracotta flower pot
– 1 x 13cm terracotta flower pot
– 12v fountain pump
– Plastic tubing to fit pump’s outlet, around 6cm in length
– Silicone sealant
– Round file
– Drill and drill bit
– A clean wooden block or workbench to drill on
– Decorative stones
– 1 x small plant in its pot
– Water to fill the base

What to do:
Before you begin, soak your saucers and flower pots in water for about an hour. This will make your job of drilling and filling much easier

(1.) If you are using a terracotta saucer (35.56cm) instead of plastic, spray with a clear sealant. If you decide to go for a plastic saucer, sealant is not necessary. Leave to dry and spray again. This bigger saucer will become the base of the water feature.

(2.) Place the 17.5cm saucer over a strong wooden block and drill a hole into the centre. File this hole, if necessary, so the tube fits through with complete ease. Once this is done, file a single notch into this saucer as well. Remember to file downwards. This will allow the water to run smoothly between the saucers to the next pot. Also file a notch into the 15.5cm saucer.

(3.) Drill a hole through the bottom and file one notch into the lip of the 15.5cm pot. Ensure the notch is large enough for the wire of the pump to fit through, as well as the water to flow through once turned upside-down. Also file a notch in two of the 11cm saucers. Leave the other 11cm saucer un-notched.


Turn  the 15.5cm pot upside down and pull the tube through the hole before placing it on the base of your feature. Connect the the tube to the pump, making sure the pump is sitting flat on the bottom of the base saucer.


Put the 17.5cm saucer upright on top of the upside down pot, and pull the tube through the hole, making sure the pump stays flat on the bottom. Trim the top of tube, leaving about 1.5cm extra.


Use silicone to seal the tubing on both the outside and inside of the pot and let the silicone dry well. Make sure no water will be able to pass through. You may also like to do this the day before the assembling process so the silicone is dry when you need to turn the water feature on.


Once dry, snip off the extra bit of tubing on the outside so you have a flat surface. Close the saucer by placing the 15.5cm saucer upside down on top op it. Make sure the notches allign so water can run through them smoothly.


Place the 13cm pot next to the first column, upside-down on the base of the feature and next to the first pot. Next, place one of the notched 11cm saucers upright on top of the pot. For the last part of the feature, place the un-notched 11cm saucer upside down on the bottom of the water feature as seen above. Lastly, place the last notched 11cm saucer upright on top.


Fill the base up with water. You can almost fill it up to the top of the rim. You’re almost done! Plug in the pump, switch it on and adjust the flower pots and saucers so the water flows through the notches and into the saucers in all the right ways. Now have some fun and decorate with stones and plants to add some personal touches to the project.


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