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Groundbreaking design from Roca

Groundbreaking design from Roca

Functionality, sustainability and aesthetic design combined in the new W+W all-in-one basin and flush toilet

A basin and a flush toilet in one? Yup, you read correctly.

Roca Innovation Lab, along with designers from Gabriele and Oscar Buratti have come up with the W+W – a revolutionary new design that resulted in an all-in-one basin and flushing toilet. Nifty huh?

As an added bonus it’s also environmental-friendly.

The W+W basin has two internal wastes – the main basin waste (mains) and the other one further down the waste pipe (grey waste).

When the basin has been filled with water, the user thereof has the option of diverting the waste to either the mains or recycling it in the cistern for the next flush.

When the grey water is saved for reuse, it’s stopped from flowing out to the mains and is diverted to the cistern.

Before it fills up the cistern, it flows through a double filtration system to eliminate bacteria and odours.

Once the water has been filtered and treated, it is stored in the grey water reservoir and used to fill the cistern as required.

If the basin hasn’t been used, the float will recognise it and trigger the inlet to fill the cistern from the mains.

Furthermore, the W+W some’s fitted with the Singles-Pro tap which features a progressive cartridge.

The progressive cartridge starts the flow of water with cold water and as the control of tap is turned, the flow changes to a mix of hot and cold water and finishes the turn with hot water.

This saves energy because the heating systems aren’t fired up unnecessarily.

The Singles-Pro tap also comes fitted with a flow limiter which restricts the flow of water to maximum of nine litres per minute.


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