Making a difference

Making a difference

We find out more about Miss Deaf SA 2017 finalist Dalein Booysen.

When it comes to the deaf community, Pretoria’s own Dalein Booysen is striving to make a difference.

We sat down with the Miss Deaf SA 2017 finalist to find out more about her hopes and dreams of wearing the crown.

GI: What made you decide to enter Miss Deaf SA 2017?

DB: I was never really interested in entering a pageant and never knew why girls would want to walk on a stage and let random people judge them on whether they were pretty or not.

My friends and family told me to go and look up the reasons behind the Miss Deaf SA pageant and I found that it’s aim is to uplift and develop the deaf community and raise money for cochlear implants.

It changed the way I thought about pageants and I decided to enter.

GI: How did your journey lead you to entering Miss Deaf SA?

I’ve had a hearing problem ever since I was a little girl.

I attended the Sonitus school for hard of hearing children, since Grade 3 and finished my matric there.

DB: Why would you like to be crowned the next Miss Deaf SA 2017?

I like to help people and want to learn more about communicating with different kinds of people.

Plus, this pageant is a good opportunity for our deaf community to build up our confidence.

GI: What is the heart behind this pageant?

The Miss Deaf SA pageant is a non-profit organisation aimed at overcoming the communication gap between the deaf and hearing communities in South Africa.

DB: What do you hope to achieve with the title if you win?

I want to show the people of South Africa that our disabilities do not stand in our way to make a dream come true.

GI: Tell us more about yourself?

DB: My name is Dalein Booysen (21) and I am from Moregloed in Pretoria.

I see myself as a country girl who had to move (from Modimolle) to Pretoria so I could attend Sonitus school.

At the time there was no hearing aid available for people with my disability and I only received my first hearing aid at the age of 16.

I completed school with two distinctions and today I am a qualified diamond cutter and polisher.

GI: What is your personal take on fame and fortune?

DB: Life is not about fame and fortune it is about what you make of what you have and how you react to the choices you make in life.

These choices can result in money, fame and can affect other people’s lives.

GI: What do you do to relax?

DB: I love nature and am most definitely an outdoor person. I love taking hikes and admiring nature.

GI: How would your best friend describe you to a complete stranger?

DB: Fearless, passionate, friendly and a loving, caring person.

GI: Who inspires you and why?

DB: My parents. They are both entrepreneurs and I would love to follow in there footsteps and one day have my own business.

GI: What is your top fitness tip?

DB: Always eat breakfast, stick to smaller portions, drink lots of water and exercise.

GI: What is your favourite coffee shop in Pretoria if you want to treat yourself and a friend to something sweet?

DB: Definitely Mugg and Bean. I love their cheesecake and cappuccino.

GI: What philosophy do you live by?

DB: Everything happens for a reason.

GI: What legacy do you hope to leave behind?

DB: I want people to see a disability does not necessarily have to hold you back in life.

GI: Where and how can people follow your journey (websites/social media) and how exactly can they vote for you?

DB: People can follow me on Facebook and vote for me on the MDSA – Miss, Mr, & Mrs Deaf South Africa Facebook page.

They can just like my official photo or SMS “MDS 03” to 47439. SMSes cost R3.



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