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Why you should use tiles in kids’ rooms

Why you should use tiles in kids’ rooms

Stress less and let the kids have more fun with tiles!

Parents often think carpets are the safest bet for young children’s bedrooms but, unfortunately, they aren’t always practical.

Tiles, on the other hand, have many benefits you might not have thought of.

With the help of Tile Africa, we’re letting you in on the overlooked benefits of tiles in young children’s bedrooms.

– Best of both worlds

Tiles are hard and most parents think about this when they think about their accident-prone toddlers.

Adding a thick throw rug or a puzzle mat is the best solution.

They offer great protection from play-induced bumps and bruises.

A rug/puzzle mat is easier to clean and more affordable to replace, compared to a fixed carpet.

– Staying power

Tiles are durable and are scratch, scuff and stain resistant so if affordability is a factor, they come out on top.

Tiles are also more versatile.

Coloured carpets can lose their appeal as children grow older.

You can also lay new tiles on the old tiles when you need to update them, instead of doing a whole renovation.

– Cleanliness

If your babies suffer from allergies, your amazing carpet will still need to be replaced.

Regular cleaning of a carpet isn’t as easy as with a tiled floor.

Fuss-free flooring means kiddies can have more fun without worrying about the mess.

– Freedom

With tiles, you won’t have to constantly monitor the children to keep them spilling on the carpet or damaging it.


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