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Polarised sunnies

Polarised sunnies

Why you should be wearing polarised sunnies. Yes, you!

If you’ve already heard about polarised sunglasses and haven’t switched over yet, this is most definitely for you. Courtesy of Execuspecs, we’re letting you know about some of the benefits of wearing polarised sunnies and we’re telling you about the top five:

– Wrinkles aren’t flattering

The best benefit of polarised lenses is their glare-blocking ability. They eliminate glare and reflections which improves eye comfort. This means that you’ll be able to take in the view, without squinting.

– Outdoor living

If you love being in the great outdoors then polarised sunnies are the way to go. Whether you prefer gardening, jogging, hiking or all three, polarised sunnies will enable you to see objects clearer and reduce the harmful effects of UV light.

– No more tired eyes and headaches

Glare has a terrible side effect – eyestrain. This causes sore, tired, itchy eyes and headaches but with polarised lenses this will be a thing of the past because glare will be eliminated and your eyes will feel more comfortable and rested.

– Faster reactions

Whether you’re driving or playing sports, nothing can be quite as frustrating as glare. Clearer vision and less glare will be the order of the day with polarised sunnie cover up.

– Clearer vision

Polarised sunglasses reveal colours and contrast like never before. If crystal clear vision is what you’d like then polarised sunnies are the way to go.



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