Keep your weight down

Keep your weight down

Amada Kuit, well-known dietician, shares tips on how to keep the extra weight off this winter.

Winter is the time when we forget all about our summer bodies and focus on keeping warm and enjoying all our favourite comfort foods. However, there are some ways to make sure that you can still enjoy your favourite foods and keep winter weight-gain at bay.

Here are some tips:

1. Always be aware of what you put in your mouth. When you choose to enjoy a sinful delight like a piece of chocolate cake or that add an extra dollop of cream to your soup, try to be more strict stricter when you choose a meal for later on in the day.

2. Most importantly, read the labels and make informed choices when buying and eating food.

3. When you are at a function and you have no control over what is being dished up, e.g. only fatty foods, try to eat less. There is nothing wrong with going to bed still slightly hungry.

4. If you choose to indulge on a particular day, try to limit your intake the following day.

5. Sauces add that missing thing to most foods but try to use them in moderation. They’re loaded with fats, sugars and salt.

6. Exercise is very important. For every plate of food that you over-indulged, you must spend 20 minutes in the gym the following day.

7. Be careful of products that are “low fat”or “sugar free”. What’s missing is usually substituted with products that are high in calories.

8. Last but not least, choose what you put onto your plate carefully.

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