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Windows that will keep you warm

Windows that will keep you warm

Are your windows going to keep you warm this winter? Here’s how to make sure you pick the right windows for your home.

With winter here, we are looking for ways to keep warm.

Why not start by checking your home’s windows?

Fenestration, the arrangement of windows in a building, is an essential element of architectural design.

It not only defines the exterior appearance of the building but the interior atmosphere as well.

Choosing the right windows can be a long and confusing process.

We’re making it a bit easier by offering tips on choosing windows that will be good value for money and energy efficient.


It is important to consider what the windows are made out of as this will affect what the windows will look like and how well they will insulate your home.

Timber window frames offer the best insulation value and are environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, they don’t require much more maintenance than other materials.

Aluminium window frames are very strong and hardly require any maintenance.


You can now select from either single, double or triple glazed windows.

This means you can select how many layers are inherent in the window design.

The more layers in the window design, the better the temperature and noise insulation provided.

Glazing also comes with coatings that offer desirable qualities like added safety, security, solar and sound control as well as UV protection.


The quality of the build is another essential factor related to the insulating qualities of any window.

It is imperative to ensure your windows are installed by professionals.


The windows you choose to install must be SANS 10400-XA compliant.

Should a newly built structure not be compliant, it will not pass the building regulations and will be deemed unfit and illegal.



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