Foods to shun to avoid hypertension

Foods to shun to avoid hypertension

Trying to decrease the possibility of hypertension? Read this

High blood pressure or hypertension is a common medical condition in which pressure in the arteries is persistently high. This puts unnecessary stress on the heart, making it work harder to bump blood to your organs and tissues.

Ultimately, (worse case scenario) the heart may not be able to pump and transport blood properly through the arteries which could lead to kidney disease, eye damage, stroke, hardened arteries and heart disease.

Thank goodness there are some foods that you can avoid to decrease the possibility of getting high blood pressure.

Make sure to avoid:

– Coffee

– Pastries

– Red meat

– Tomatoes

– Processed meats

It’s also advised to go get your blood pressure checked regularly because you could have hypertension, without knowing.

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