Healthy foods that fight breast cancer

Healthy foods that fight breast cancer

Delicious foods to help you decrease your chances of getting breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide.

Fortunately, early detection and progress in treatment has lead to improved survival, at all stages of cancer.

Breast cancer is usually suspected when a lump is detected in the breast or when an abnormal area is seen on a mammogram.

Breast cancer treatment is usually tailored to the type, stage and according to the other medical issues that might affect the patient’s health.

We’re giving you the following list of foods that can decrease your chances of getting breast cancer.

It is however, also important to familiarise yourself with the symptoms of breast cancer and how to counter them.


Sulforaphane, which broccoli sprouts are rich in, is one of the protective compounds that are found in plants that help prevent cancer.

The best thing is you can add it to your next sandwich, salad or burger.


Adding garlic, which carries an allyl sulphide component, to your meals will go a long way towards helping with breast cancer prevention.


Limit your consumption of processed and red meat by adding more fish to your diet.

Fish is a great source of omega 2 fatty acids and is highly recommended by anti-cancer nutrition as a great source of breast cancer prevention.


Curumin, an active ingredient contained in tumeric, fights breast cancer.

You can add it to your tea, veggie stir fry, eggs and soup.


Most peppers contain phytochemical, which helps fight cancer.

Use them in a veggie stir fry, on a chicken skewer or just stuff and roast them…yum.

Apart from modifying your diet to fight breast cancer, performing a monthly breast self-exam is also recommended to help with early detection.

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