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Ooho – the edible water bottle

Ooho – the edible water bottle

Have you heard about Ooho?

With recycling gaining popularity, people are trying to do more with less.

Skipping Rocks Lab has created an edible water bottle in the hope of putting an end to plastic packaging.

And the best part is the edible water bottle, or Ooho as it is called, is that it’s completely biodegradable.

Ooho is created by dipping frozen balls of liquid in a plant and seaweed extract mixture that forms a membrane around the ice.

The membrane then forms a watertight seal on the ice.

It is completely tasteless and the membrane decomposes after four to six weeks if it is not consumed.

Skipping Rocks Labs aims to make Ooho water bubbles a staple at festivals, marathons and other outdoor events.

The water bubbles are available in still and flavoured water.

Will you ditch you plastic bottle for the new water bubble?


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